Have you ever been so passionate about an idea that you just couldn’t let it go? After collaborating with Mindset Works for over ten years and seeing the transformative results in her classroom, Jenn Maichin couldn’t and wouldn’t let growth mindset go. Understanding that her school district was always looking for new growth opportunities, Jenn shouted from the rooftops about the benefits of growth mindset. In 2017, the district agreed, and made the intentional decision to embed growth mindset practices throughout every classroom in Mineola.

Led by Superintendent Michael Nagler, Mineola USFD embarked upon a journey to deliberately embed the science and principles of growth mindset throughout the district, and document the process along the way. In partnership with Mindset Works, the feature-length documentary “The Process” details the mindset journey of seven teachers from the district, and the district’s growth process as well.

One of the missions of Mineola is to contribute to a global society. It is Mineola’s hope that others use this documentary as a tool to implement the growth mindset learning framework in their districts. As you will see, change isn’t easy, and the path is not always clear, but as we know, it’s the process that makes one grow. Mineola discovered that the process was worth it. 

Though this documentary depicts just one year, Mineola firmly believes there is no finish line in learning. Maintaining their focus on life-long learning, Mineola continues to develop their growth mindset culture through implementation of Mindset Works programs such as GEM and Brainology.  

Access the documentary at https://www.theprocessmineola.org/ and contact Deputy Superintendent Matt Gaven or Growth Mindset Coach Jenn Maichin to start a conversation! You can follow Jenn Maichin on Twitter @jennmaich and Instagram @jennmaich_mindset_works