January 2013 Contest Results

Matt Smith WinnerWe had some terrific entries to the Growth Mindsed Educator Contest! The Growth Minded Educator of January is: Matt Smith

Congratulations to our winner, and thank you to all who participated! We received some fantastic submissions, and will reach out to some of you to discuss ways to share the other entries.

Below is the winning entry to the contest question: "What do you do to include new staff in your Growth Mindset efforts?"

Submitted by Matt Smith, Queensland, Australia

Part 1: Understanding mindsets – Definitions & Brain Science

Define the concepts of fixed and growth mindsets. Introduce the concept of neuroplasticity. 

Part 2: Identifying mindsets – Heroes & Celebrities

Share YouTube clips and inspiring quotes from famous people who have failed to ultimately reach success (American and Australian examples). Link to Malcolm Gladwell's (Outliers) concept of the 10,000 hour rule (eg. Bill Gates, The Beatles)

Part 3: Applying mindsets – Study & Sports

Understanding the growth mindset through our school motto (nil sine labore - nothing without labour). Link to Dimensions of Learning and relevant Habits of Mind (eg. persistence, remain open to continuous learning). Dealing with failure and set backs in the classroom and on the sports field.

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Psychology at the University of Adelaide. He then travelled to Nepal as a volunteer teacher and serendipitously found a career in education. He has taught in South Australia across the middle school years and currently teaches Year 8-10 History at Brisbane Grammar School. Appointed as the new Coordinator of Student Wellbeing Programmes, Matt is keen to explore possibilities for a positive education approach to teaching and learning. He is a freelance travel and history writer and is now looking for opportunities to contribute to the field of positive psychology.