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The Highest Aim of Education

The Highest Aim of Education

The highest aim of education is to develop driven, efficacious learners. That's what will best enable them to thrive.

Why ignite lifelong growth?

Today's world is a learner's paradise and a non-learner's pit. The accessibility of knowledge, rapid pace of change, and vastness, present unlimited opportunities for exploration, growth, and contribution. Driven learners:

  • have a source of happiness and fulfillment that nobody can take away from them;
  • adapt, learn, and grow more, and as a result are better able to achieve their goals, especially given today's complexity and fast pace of change; and
  • are more successful learners in school, in competencies from numeracy, literacy and critical thinking, to exploring passions and developing long-term goals and expertise.

What is more important for education to do than to ignite lifelong growth?

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